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International figure skating camps during the spring holidays. Skater's tuition camp in Tukums, Latvia, April 10-22, 2017. In the training sessions, skaters from Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and other countries took part. The program of the camp included: classes on ice, physical training and choreography. In free time from the camp, we conducted additional group and individual training on the ice, engaged in productions of the programs and helped the children learn to jump with the help of a bench. Here you can see videos and photos from the spring figure skating camp in Tukums. The International Figure Skating School conducts figure skating camps all year round and we invite everyone to participate in the upcoming training sessions. Join now!

Spring figure skating camp in Tukums, Latvia April 10-22, 2017

The International figure skating school organizes the figure skating camps for skaters from abroad. The organizer of sports camps for skaters is the coach from St. Petersburg - Alexander Ryabinin. Also, in the training process help: a professional coach from Daugavpils - Elzbieta Krumplevska and silver medalist of the junior Olympic Games (In the team classification) - Diana Nikitina. For the last season in the international figure skating camps, got the course to improve the level of sportsmanship more than 20 countries, many skaters attend our figure skating camps regularly. Sports camps are held during school holidays. Many skaters already well-known summer and winter figure skating camp in Ozolnieki, Latvia. Sport camp on an excellent base, affordable prices and not expensive accommodation with meals. At the training camp in Ozolnieki we conduct training sessions on the vestibular trainer for the skaters - Rotator. Also during the summer, the management of the international figure skating school also organizes trips camps in Russia - these are summer training camps in Khabarovsk, ftrips camps for skaters in the city Dmitrov, Russia. Also, we provide spring figure skating camps in Tukums, Latvia. Sammer and autumn figure skating camps in Ozolnieki, Latvia are very popular. Join us. We invite beginners and professionals skaters. Camps and training sessions for visiting skaters all year-round. We train skaters of all ages. Join ass! Contacts: +37125926560 Viber / Whatsapp

International figure skating camps in Latvia and Russia. During school holidays

We invite you to the International figure skating school, where your child will be taught to jump multi-turn jumps. We accept skaters from Latvia, and from abroad. We provide jump training for skaters of all ages and different levels of preparedness. Multi-turn jumps for professionals: triple jumps, triple axle and quadruple jumps. Single and double jumps for beginners and hobby class skaters. Correcting mistakes and setting the right technique for jumping. Consultation with the parent and the trainer is possible. Contact information: +371 25926560 Whatsapp, Viber

Figure skating. Training multi-turn jumps skaters.

The setting of quality programs for skaters in a short time: a balanced program in a short time, urgently, steps sequence, selection and editing melodies for the programs, choreography, training on ice and off ice: hands, working on steps, individual training. Analysis of the work done. Contact information: +371 25926560 Whatsapp, Viber

Setting quality, balanced programs for skaters

The first lessons of figure skating for children of younger age. Figure skating for kids. The beginner's group of figure skaters from 3 years and older. Training on ice, training lessons in fitness room: physical training, choreography for kids and children of younger age all in one complex. Join us.

Beginner's group of skaters. Initial training


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