Testing skaters is basic skating

Goals and objectives of testing

The main goal of the test is to check the skaters' level of knowledge of the basics of figure skating, to enable the scaters to correct in due time the shortcomings in the basic training.

The basic steps and twists that make up the tests are the figure skating alphabet, without the possession of which everything else, including the formulation of programs and participation in competitions, makes no sense!

If the child does not pass the test, this only indicates that, skater has a defect in the preparation and there is time to correct this defect. Also we ask parents and coaches do not wind sportsmen and not to test the significance of the most important event in life.


Auxiliary function of testing in the education of the figure skater:

  • Testing the level of preparation of your child
  • Quality of the work done by your coach
  • As a result of testing, the selection of children for older group

Place and date

Testing is conducted at the training session of the sports school "International figure skating school". The time for proving testing is preliminary agreed upon between the manager and the coaching staff of the school.


Guidance for the preparation and testing conduct

Preparation and providence is handled by the coaching staff and the director of the sports school "International figure skating school". At the request of the parents, there is an opportunity to invite a specialist from another school to take off for slip.


Participants in testing, admission procedure

To participate in the testing, skaters are allowed to participate in the International figure skating school.


Conditions of admission and financing

When you invite a specialist to judge the testing, you must make a start-up fee to reimburse the costs of refereeing.

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