Figure skating. Sports School. Section in Riga, Latvia

International School of Figure Skating is the most complete course of education for children in Riga, Latvia. In the process of learning, figure skating for children includes all the inherent disciplines of figure skating - this is physical training, special training, choreography, testing of figure skaters and of course summer gatherings in Ozolnieki. Children's section / figure skating club of the city of Riga is always open for fans and professionals of figure skating.


The section in Riga develops with great intensity, provoking interest in all ages. Everyone can do figure skating in Riga. Try yourself in figure skating in the first, or hone your skills on many ice rinks in the city of Riga. A lot of Riga figure skating schools for children and adults can teach you the basics of figure skating. If there is no desire to go to school in figure skating, you can always go for a mass skating in one of the ice halls in Riga and go for a drive.


International School of Figure Skating conducts training in figure skating in Riga and the Riga region. Training sessions are organized in ice halls:

  • OZO Ledus Halle - Ozolnieki, Jelgava 4 km
  • INBOX Ledus Halle - Babite (Pinky) - on the border of Riga
  • MARUPES Ledus halle


In the winter time, the figure skating section for children International School of Figure Skating occasionally rents additional ice in the ice halls:

  • Jurmalas Ledus Halle - Jurmala
  • Volvo Ledus Halle - Riga Hall


International School of Figure Skating - this is the latest Russian technology and a full course of study. We invite children of any age and degree of physical training. Training is possible in a sports group and a health group. In addition, when choosing the Riga Figure Skating School for children "International School of Figure Skating" you will receive:

  • Convenient training schedule
  • The available prices for season tickets
  • Individual approach to each child
  • Professional coaching staff
  • Groups of all ages and different skills to ride
Figure skating. Sports School. Section in Riga, Latvia
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