Figure skating in Latvia, Riga

The figure skating section in Latvia, Riga becomes stronger with each season. Figure skaters of Latvia have repeatedly shown serious results at the Grand Prix, European Figure Skating Championships, as well as the World Figure Skating Championships among juniors and seniors.

The Latvian figure skating championship is becoming more interesting. The competition between Latvian figure skaters is growing, and it becomes increasingly difficult to qualify for the top three in Latvia's strongest skaters. This is understandable, after all, according to the results of the Championship of Latvia, trips to the Grand Prix stages are distributed, and these are international competitions that require even greater responsibility.

Strong skaters of Latvia sometimes can not afford much in the name of success in figure skating. Training schedule, diet, competitions and do not forget that they also study in schools and universities. It is really difficult to become a real athlete - but nothing is possible.

In Zagreb, the World Junior Championships in synchronized figure skating was held. In the championship the team of Latvia debuted, which took 22nd place among 24 teams from 19 countries.

In the junior world championship in synchronized figure skating from Latvia the team Amber Junior from Riga - athletes of 13 - 20 years old acted. The team consists of 17 participants - former skaters of single skating, who took responsibility for the resumption of synchronized skiing in Latvia. Train the team Alma Liepina-Lace (champion of the USSR-89 among juniors) and Anda Medna, choreographer Alice Kosheleva-Nurahmedova.

Most Latvian figure skating clubs are located in Riga and the Riga region. Riga figure skating clubs are pretty big competitors for each other. The competition in figure skating leads to the progress of skaters and this gives an obvious plus in the prosperity of figure skating in Latvia. We will only name a few figure skating clubs in Riga and the Riga region, which are registered in the Latvian Association of Figure Skating and Speed ​​Skating in Riga:


  • International School of Figure Skating in Riga and Ozolnieki
  • Mārupes ledus skola in Marupe and Riga
  • Baltia Figure skating club in Riga
  • Dzintara slidas Figure skating club in Riga
  • Kaskads Figure skating Riga
  • Kristal Ice Figure skating in Riga
  • Master Sport Figure skating in Riga
  • Marikas daiļslidošanas klubs, figure skating club in Riga
  • Pārdaugava Figure skating in Riga
  • Stils Sports club of figure skating Riga
  • Tvizzls Figure skating club in Riga
  • OZO daiļslidošanas klubs Figure skating in Ozolnieki


Figure skating in Riga is developing rapidly, introducing youth and adults to skating. In Riga, a lot of ice halls offer hours of mass skating with clubs and mass skating without clubs. You can try your hand at the ice rink, or go to the figure skating club at the ice hall and learn how to ride with the help of a figure skating coach.


Figure skating competitions in Latvia are held regularly and have a variety of categories:

  • Club competitions in figure skating - competitions inside the club
  • Competitions in figure skating for kids - the first, second year of training
  • Figure skating competitions - ISU rules
  • International competitions in figure skating
  • Grand Prix stages in figure skating
  • Latvian Figure Skating Championships


Most Latvian ice halls meet European quality standards and figure skaters from different countries take part in Latvian competitions with pleasure. Here are just a few ice halls from the long list:


  • MARUPES ledus halle - Marupe
  • INBOX ledus halle - Pinky (Babite)
  • VOLVO ledus halle - Riga
  • OZO ledus halle - Ozolnieki, 4 km city Jelgava
  • DAUGAVPILS ledus halle - Daugavpils
  • VIDZEMES ledus halle - Ogre
  • VALMIERA ledus halle - Valmiera


I would like to note that in all the ice halls:


  • figure skating school
  • figure skating for children
  • sports figure skating clubs for children
  • Circles of figure skating for the youngest skaters

Go in for sports - figure skating is an exciting sport and brings lots of positive emotions to children and adults.

Figure skating in Latvia, Riga
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