International figure skating school is open

International figure skating school Riga and Ozolnieki are recruiting groups for training in professional figure skating and basic (amateur) skills. The school has programs for skaters of all ages and levels of preparation.


Figure skating for children gives an opportunity:

  • build a sports career;
  • To acquire a fascinating and useful hobby;
  • strengthen the body;
  • Form a slender, smart figure and even posture;
  • to gain confidence in oneself;
  • develop plasticity and sense of rhythm.


The children's figure skating school accepts children from 3 years and older. If skates are considered as a hobby, the upper limit of age does not really matter - you can start training already as a teenager. If the plans to achieve success in big sports, it is desirable to bring the child to the figure skating club to 7 years (even better to 5 years).

Sports figure skating in the International figure skating school Riga and Ozolnieki are engaged in the methods of the Russian school, which is considered one of the strongest in the world. Among the trainers are Alexander Ryabinin, a pupil of the Honored Coach of Russia Zinaida Ryabinina. This is an experienced and sensitive teacher, under the guidance of which children, as if playfully, master even the most complex tricks and techniques. During the holidays, the school of figure skating holds training camps in Ozolnieki, in which not only Latvian athletes participate, but also visitors from other countries.


Figure skating for adults is:

  • a way to improve health and fitness;
  • a non-smoking alternative to standard types of fitness;
  • Prevention of sedentary lifestyle;
  • Effective "vaccination" against stress and depression;
  • New skills that will be useful outside the rink - ease and grace of movements, the ability to hear music and follow it, the ability to beautifully hold the head and back.


The lessons of the figure skating school take place in Ozolnieki and Riga. For those who want to visit the figure skating club on an ongoing basis, there are several types of season tickets. Also, one-time training is available for practicing confident slip and individual courses on a convenient schedule.

International figure skating school is open
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