Professional figure skating: which of the children is suitable and when to start training

Fashion for figure skating is gaining momentum, and many parents dream that their child realized himself in this sport. Affect the choice of classes for the baby and prospects. Becoming the best of the best in the school of figure skating in Riga, you can get a ticket to the Olympics and become famous for the whole world, which is an excellent motivation. And after the end of sports career, you can not only go to the rank of trainers, but also continue skating in popular ice shows. However, whatever efforts the parents and the young athlete himself put in, they will not lead to success if the child does not have the slightest inclinations of the skater or missed the time of the beginning of the lessons.


How to understand that figure skating is what the child needs?

Even the most talented sportsmen rarely show themselves at the first lessons in the figure skating section in Riga. However, there are indirect signs that indicate that the child has a chance of becoming an "ice star".


Figure skating is suitable for children who:

  • Prefer mobile games to quiet pursuits, while they are not aggressive and not scattered, they are able to gather and make efforts to achieve the goal;
  • by nature artistic, endowed with a sense of rhythm (these skills can be developed, however, minimal abilities are desirable); do not have contraindications for health reasons (such include excessive fragility of bones, violation of coordination of movement, etc.);
  • Love the winter and are well tolerated by the cold.


But most importantly - the kid should have a desire to do figure skating. If a child likes skates, and he enjoys skiing, then trips to the figure skating club in Ozolnieki will not be wasted. Even if the child later chooses not a sporting one, but a different path, he will have a useful and fascinating hobby. If the child is afraid of ice, and becomes skating "through I do not want to," then it is better not to insist, and find him an occupation to his liking. To the baby decided on the sympathy, it is recommended to take a few test lessons, and not immediately buy a subscription.


At what age is it better to enroll in a children's figure skating school?

In the figure skating schools in Riga, children are admitted from the age of three. Before this age, the kids are not yet very confident in their body, it is difficult for them to concentrate on words and actions of teachers for a long time. It is best to start a career at the age of 4-5 years. The extreme threshold for entry to professional figure skating is 7 years, so that a child can learn up to 10 elements, then master skills. Adolescents find it difficult to teach "from scratch" multi-turn jumps, emissions - fear prevents. Although the boy with good inclinations has chances to become a champion, even at a later start. This is due to the developmental peculiarities: as a rule, girls reach their "ceiling" in technology by the age of 13-15, young men - to 17, sometimes later. Therefore, the average age of singles in women's skating is 15-17 years (earlier to go to "adult" ice do not give a limit), in men - 21-25 years.


Another important step to the championship is the selection of the figure skating section. In Riga, professionals are trained in the International figure skating school Riga and Ozolnieki. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, children master the technique of skiing (in the traditions of the legendary Russian school), learn choreography. During school holidays, the school conducts the figure skating fees in Ozolnieki. Wards International figure skating school Riga and Ozolnieki regularly participate in competitions and take prizes.

Professional figure skating: which of the children is suitable and when to start training
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