Summer international figure skating camps in Ozolnieki. (26 June-14 July) and (31 July-25 August), Latvia 2017

We invite you to the Summer international figure skating camp for skaters of all ages in Ozolnieki, Latvia. This is a good choice for skaters, to get a good physical shape. 

The training schedule is designed in accordance with the standards that guide the strongest, sports schools in Russia. This schedule allows you to rationally distribute the load to the skaters to get better results.


  • Camp No. 1 Ozolnieki, Latvia (June 26 - July 14) 2017 Camp 3 weeks!
  • Camp No.2 Ozolnieki, Latvia (June 31 - August 25) 2017 Camp 4 weeks!

The organizer and the head coach: coach from St. Petersburg - Alexander Ryabinin

Contact details:
Whatsapp, Viber +371 25926560 Latvian number


ATTENTION: Camp No.1 and Camp No. 2 - The same base and schedule


• Group №1 Training 3-turns jumps
• Group № 2 Training 2-turns jamps.
• Group №3 Training 1 turn jamp.


Ice rink address: 

  • OZO Ledus Halle
  • St. Stadium, 5b, Ozolnieki,
  • Ozolnieki volost, Ozolnieki region, LV-3018 On the map


SCHEDULE. For each training day:
1. Ice 1 hour
2. SFP 1 hour
3. Recreation
4. Ice 1 hour
5. Physical training 1 hour

Saturday and Sunday - Weekend.


ATTENTION! Innovative training system for professional sports!

  • Training complex ProSpin. Alexei Mishin's ProSpin - Rotator. We make training sessions on the vestibular simulator for skaters - ROTATOR. 
  • The cost a 1 week of training on the rotator is 75 euros.

The camps is located in a small town - Ozolnieki, 35 km from Riga. Convenient communication with Riga - traine, bus, shuttle, taxi.


•    Ice rink


• Ice Arena
• Basketball Hall
• Football 
• Track 
• Tennis court
• Gym
• The forest-park zone

Also on the territory of the base are:
• Hotel
• A cafe
• Sauna
• Sports bar

Next to the sports base:
• Stores
• Lake


Taxi Airport (Riga) - Ozolnieki costs 20-25 euros if you book a taxi Panda +37167000000


• Good meals, 3 times a day are available around 8 euro per day.
• After the Choreography, there is time for the opportunity to have lunch and rest.


There are several hotels to stay. The cost is from 8 to 25 euros per person.



Each participant of the camp must have insurance for the period of camp and a doctor's note !!!



1) Hotel rooms in the building - sports base Ozolnieki - cheap one (2-bed room 21 euros) +37163050516, +37129628818, +37163050526

Reservation by Alexandr! +37125926560 Viber / Whatsapp

  • 1-person deluxe room 28 euros
  • 2-bed room 21 euros
  • 3-bed room 26 euros
  • 4-bed room 28 euros



2) LLKC Hostel (not expensive)
Adrese: Rīgas iela 34, Ozolnieki
Tālrunis nr. +371 22018583, +371 63050220
E-past adrese:

Reservation by Alexandr! +37125926560 Viber / Whatsapp
Participants are charged 10% discount on the rent


All rooms are new!

Double room 30 euros
3-bed room 40 euros
4-bed room 44 euros



3) Agata Hotel (comfort) telephone for booking rooms +371 28 684 473
Adrese: Stadiona iela 5b, Ozolnieki, Ozolnieku pagasts, Ozolnieku novads, LV-3018

 Reservation by yourself!


Photos of rooms can be found in one of my social networks, PHOTO!
•    Facebook
•    Vkontakte

We will assist in finding a place to stay for the period of fees. Please contact us.

If you have already decided to come to our camps, we advise you to reserve a place to stay in advance.


• You can reserve a place by making an advance payment of 100 euros for 1 week.

Upcoming international figure skating camps, led by a coach from St. Petersburg, Alexander Ryabinin:

Contact details:
Whatsapp, Viber +371 25926560 Latvian number
Social networks:

International figure skating camp in Ozolnieki. The New Year, Winter 2017

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