Training on Alexei's Mishin's vestibular simulator. Vestibular simulator for figure skating.

Balance - your 6th sense, the Vestibular sense. Required to walk along a line or ride on a swing. Figure skaters are not ordinary people and need to develope their vestibular sense to much higher limits. Is there any opportunity to train on spins except ice sessions? Is there any opportunity to develope the vestibular sense, so that the quality of jumps will become better and body will ajust to double and triple jumps? The answer is Yes!

Alexeys Mishins Vestibular simylator ProSpin - is innovative training system created for professional sport.  Vestibular simulator ProSpin will give the skater an opportunity to improve the sense of coordination, that is necessary in all aspects of figure skating. Some skaters have natural strength and balance, that will take them through the lower levels of figure skating, but the majority of skaters need to improve upon each of those attributes in order to progress to higher levels. A skater’s core strength and plyometric strength requirements in the sport of figure skating are significant, and at some point a skater needs to build strength beyond what he or she naturally has.

Alexey Mishins Vestibular simulator ProSpin will help the skater achive much higher speed during spins, the skater will be able to do more complicated spins. The quality of jumps will be improved att the point that the skater will be able to jump higher and it will be easier for body to adjust to double and triple jumps.

During our camp you will have unique opportunity to try Vestibular simulator ProSpin. We have recieved a really great feedback from parents after their kids have been training at our camp! Thank you dear parents! We allways wellcome you back to our figure skating camp and are so happy that your children got amazing results back home! 

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Training on Alexei's Mishin's vestibular simulator. Vestibular simulator for figure skating.
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