The International School of Figure Skating is working in a variety of ice-halls of Riga, Riga District, being one of the leading figure skating clubs in Latvia. Several key directions are developing on the basis of the school: figure skating for adults, a section for children of all ages and the sports figure skating school for children from 3 years, who are planning to make sport as a life-work. In The International School of Figure Skating, adults and children from Riga, visiting figure skaters from other countries are practising here - sportsmen and just fans of figure skating of all ages and levels are welcomed here.

Alexander Ryabinin
Alexander RyabininFigure skating coach, master of Sports of Russia. Saint-Petersburg
Alexander Ryabinin, Master of Sports in figure skating, a pupil of the Honoured Coach of Russia Z.A. Ryabinina. Her students: Ksenia Stolbova, Sergei Komolov, Alexander Enbert, Igor Yefimchuk, etc. Already from the age of three, Alexander was involved in figure skating. During his sports career, Alexander took part and won prizes at many Russian and International competitions. He had been performing in various European and American ice shows for many years. He graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Physical Culture named by P.F.Lesgaft with the qualification granted - a specialist of physical culture and sports at the Figure Skating Department. Since 2008, Alexander has begun to train children.
Marians  Butkevics
Marians ButkevicsChoreografer
Marian Batkevich is an outstanding and well-known teacher and choreographer of the Latvian Choreographic School. He graduated from the Riga Choreographic School as a choreographer and received a Master's degree in choreography. Marian devoted his whole life to active work in ballet - he worked as an artist, soloist, and was an example of ballet at the Latvian National Opera. His repertoire is a classic, including countless solo performances, as well as a wide imaginative range. Marian toured with many ballet troupes of the Latvian National Opera in many European, Scandinavian and Asian countries, as well as gave traveling performances in Africa. Marian also implemented an individual ballet project in Denmark. His students have already achieved international recognition by winning prizes in many competitions in Italy, South Korea, the USA, China, etc.


The pupils of the coaches from the International figure skating school do not just skate well, but also take high places in the figure skating competitions. First of all, excellent results are ensured by the use of unique training techniques, based on the experience and traditions of the Russian school of figure skating. However, the true love of the specialists of the European Ice School for their work is of great importance – they sincerely treat each sportsman, whether it is a three-year-old kid or an adult, who just likes figure skating.

Every day, the International figure skating school opens its doors to fans of this magnificent sport. There are also the youngest athletes among them - from 3 to 5 years, both schoolchildren of various levels of training and adult fans of figure skating who are already skating good or want to learn this art from the basis.

Experienced coaches of the International figure skating school - Alexander Ryabinin, a pupil of the Honoured Coach of Russia Zinaida Ryabinina and Elzbieta Krumplevska, a specialist, figure skating coach from Daugavpils, are able to find approach to a child of any age and teach figure skating in the shortest possible time regardless of the initial training level. Only specialists with a higher sports education work in the International figure skating school.

In the framework of the figure training classes at the sports school of figure training, basic techniques, basics of choreography and simple elements are taught at the school, as well as help to put a simple performance that will pleasantly surprise friends and family members at the city skating-rink. In the framework of the full-fledged sports school of figure skating, more intensive trainings are carried out - in groups and individually future skaters work out multi-rotational jumps and complex rotations, put full-fledged performances for competitions and get prepared for the world of big sports in overall.

The International figure skating school is a great place to discover the world of figure skating - one of the most beautiful and colourful sports in the world. The club's coaches are sure that everyone who wants it can learn to skate. Moreover, this will absolutely become the basis for perfect well-being, good health and beautiful posture, and perhaps, also the first step on the world sports arena for your child!

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