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"International figure skating school. In addition to the training sessions, great benefits provided by private, individual lessons for skaters. Big plus in individual trening is that trainer can focus on one athlete that makes training more productive. Private lessons, training programs and physical activity intensity is calculated on the skater is level. To raise an athlete should systematically attend general training lessons and, if necessary, do not neglect the private training sessions at the school. Combined training lessons have a powerful effect on the progress.

Individual lessons for skaters

Contact the management of the sports section of figure skating. Contact the management of the figure skating section and agree on the first, a trial lesson for a beginner, a young figure skater with a figure skating school coach. After a trial session, the coach will tell you about your child's readiness to learn figure skating. Recommend the most appropriate number of training sessions per week for a young skater. If necessary, will make a schedule of training sessions for your child. You can sign up for the first training session by calling +371 25926560. Whatsapp/Viber

Figure skating for beginners. Where to begin?

Competitions in figure skating. The sports International figure skating school regularly participates international competitions, organizes competitions for skaters Ozolnieki, Latvia. Take part in competitions! Competitions for children are one of the most important methods of education of a real figure skater. To take part in the competition. Throughout the season, the children of the sports "International figure skating school" take part in competitions. The training level of the skater must meet the requirements of the group and be sufficiently prepared for the performance. If your child is ready to participate in competitions then after consulting with the coach and paying the participation fee begins preparing skaters for the start.

How to take part in figure skating competitions?

Take part in the summer International figure skating camps The management of the sports school always notifies the parents and places information about the planned events on the school's website in the section "NEWS". All information about the summer camps for the skaters can be found by contacting the school's management at +371 25926560 or by reading the information about the sports camps for the children on the website of the International figure skating school.

Take part in the summer figure skating camps

Goals and objectives of testing The main goal of the test is to check the skaters' level of knowledge of the basics of figure skating, to enable the scaters to correct in due time the shortcomings in the basic training. The basic steps and twists that make up the tests are the figure skating alphabet, without the possession of which everything else, including the formulation of programs and participation in competitions, makes no sense! If the child does not pass the test, this only indicates that, skater has a defect in the preparation and there is time to correct this defect. Also we ask parents and coaches do not wind sportsmen and not to test the significance of the most important event in life.

Testing skaters is basic skating

Правила внутреннего распорядка «Международной школы фигурного катания» Соблюдение правил внутреннего трудового распорядка обеспечивает координацию во взаимоотношениях между тренерами и директором. Правила оказывают помощь в воспитательном процессе спортсмена и представляют родителям полную структуру клуба. Внутренний трудовой распорядок составляет основу дисциплины труда.

International figure skating school - rules

To get a monthly abonement for figure skating, the right decision on the way of education of a real skater. "International figure skating school" provides a large selection of season tickets for the skaters of the school. Abonement for a figure skating is a necessity for an skater and an advantageous acquisition of training sessions at affordable prices. The skater must attend training sessions regularly and the purchase of a subscription becomes the best solution. The more training days in your chosen subscription, the cheaper the training sessions for your child. "International figure skating school" offers a large selection of season tickets for skating. All subscriptions include training sessions on a off ice and on ice platform. The variety of classes instills interest in sports in children, already from an early age and renders a full-fledged development of all physical qualities in the child.

Training sessions by abonements



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