Figure skating for beginners. Where to begin?

Memo to the young skater

Each parent cares about the health of his child. Figure skating is a useful sport, especially for painful children, with weakened health. For children with weakened health, doctors recommend figure skating. Activities of figure skating contribute to the strengthening of immunity and have a positive impact on the physical development of the body.

Consultation with a doctor
Before enrolling in the figure skating section, we recommend getting a consultation with a doctor (pediatrician). The doctor will conduct a medical examination of the child and give his advice on the practice of figure skating.

Contact the management of the sports section of figure skating
Contact the management of the figure skating section and agree on the first, a trial lesson for a beginner, a young figure skater with a figure skating school coach. After a trial session, the coach will tell you about your child's readiness to learn figure skating. Recommend the most appropriate number of training sessions per week for a young skater. If necessary, will make a schedule of training sessions for your child. You can sign up for the first training session by calling +371 25926560. Whatsapp/Viber

Outfit for skaters and choice skates classes
The coach will provide consulting and professional, practical assistance in the selection of skates. It will help to buy skates for children, men's skates or women's skates. He will tell you how to dress a child for a training session in figure skating and tell you where you can buy the necessary equipment and skates.

Buy abonement for figure skating
To get acquainted with the quotations for subscriptions of the sports "International figure skating school", please visit the school's website in the section "PRICES". Visiting the school training sessions is possible with one-time payment (for each lesson) and purchasing the subscription you have chosen for a month. In the section "CONTACTS" there are "DETAILS" of the school.

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