Take part in the summer figure skating camps

About the sammer international figure skating camps at the International figure skating school of Latvia

The sports figure skating camps are an integral part of the training process. Summer sports camps for children are always organized and conducted during school holidays. The skaters is not burdened with school days and can devote himself entirely to the sport.

Summer camps are a must for skaters of all ages. During the sports camps children make their first confident steps in the world of big sport and they lay the foundation for future champions.

"International figure skating school" annually conducts summer camps for skaters, for children of all ages. Summer figure skating camps in the "International figure skating school" is a full course of training for skaters. All sorts of inalienable disciplines of figure skating are always included in the skating competitions. In addition to training on the ice, also there are training off ice - this is general physical training, special physical training, choreography.


Take part in the summer International figure skating camps

The management of the sports school always notifies the parents and places information about the planned events on the school's website in the section "NEWS". All information about the summer camps for the skaters can be found by contacting the school's management at +371 25926560 or by reading the information about the sports camps for the children on the website of the International figure skating school.


Deadline for applying for participation in the summer figure skating camps for skaters

The management of the "International figure skating school" determines the deadlines for submitting an application for participation in sporting events. To become a participant of summer camps for skaters, you need:

In time to apply for participation in summer camps

  • To have in view of that the quantity of places on camps is limited and the earlier you will be defined with participation on camp, more chances to get on them.
  • Application or confirmation of participation in the summer figure skating camps

If you decide to participate in the summer sports camps, then you need:

  • Contact the management and find out about the availability place in groups
  • Make a prepayment.

Only prepayment is a confirmation of your participation in the training camp.

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