Figure Skating Camps - International ice Skating Camps Year-round Summer, winter and spring, autumn in countries Latvia, Russia - Moscow and Bulgaria.  In this section, you can always find up-to-date information about the life of our figure skating school and the industry as a whole. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and keep the track of events. We organize additional trainings for small and adult figure skaters very often - individually and in groups, so do not miss the chance. The latest news of the world of figure skating are available on our website. All-the-year-round training camps of figure skating in Latvia and travelling sports camps for figure skaters in Russia - Moscow and Bulgaria during summer - Kranevo. A lot of information about competitions and figure skaters of a high level, everything about the worldwide figure skating and figure skating camps childrien.

Figure skating. Figure skating camps and individual ice sessions. We invite you to take part in international figure skating camps for children of all ages at reasonable prices. We provide figure skating camps in Bulgaria, Russia, Latvia. Camps for skaters during the holidays: Summer camps, autumn camps, winter camps and spring camps. Intensive training and individual approach to each skater. Training multi-turn jumps, new spins and work on gliding. Choreography and physical training, specialized exercises, training on Alexeis Mishins vestibular simylator. Also we invite you to Riga at a convenient time for you, for individual lessons and classes in a mini group.

Figure skating camps 2019-2020 for children of all ages


Figure skating. Choose one of figure skating camps for your child!

Figure Skating Winter camp 2018-2019 for children with lead coach from St. Petersburg. Our Figure Skating camp is organized for different age skaters (kids and teenagers). Master class trainers (expert coaches) will teach skaters the technique of jumping and able to give detailed analysis in order to improve the level of skating and jumping on practice. In the training process we are using the latest technology of coaching legend Alexei Mishin which are significantly accelerate the learning process.

Winter figure skating camp in Ozolnieki, Latvia 24.12.2018-12.01.2019

Russian and European figure skaters, beginners and professionals of the figure skating will meet on the ice rink of sports complex «Lobnya», from 25 to 30 March 2019.

Figure Ice Skating Spring Camp in Lobnya, Moscow region, Russia 25.03.2019 — 30.03.2019

If you would like to visit this beautiful Baltic country together with your child - figure skater and combine his skating training sessions with rest for the whole family, you are welcome in Valmiera!

International Figure Skating Ice Spring Camp for children of all ages in Latvia 15.04.2019 — 27.04.2019

Ice arena «Lobnya» will open the doors for you at 1 to 11 May 2019. here will come together figure skaters, who will check their abilities on the ice and will demonstrate the best results.

Figure Skating Camp during the May Holidays for children of all ages in the Lobnya city, Moscow region, Russia 01.05.2019 — 11.05.2019

Figure skaters will learn the technique of simple and complex jumps, multi-turn jumps, will figure out the technique of gliding. All this will be made possible by the individual approach to each skater. Also, the children will take a course on the Aleksei Mishin vestibular simulator and will practice jumps on the skate harness, which will be used in the framework of a figure skating ice camp during additional training hours.

International Figure Skating Summer Camp 2019 for children of all ages in Russia 27.05.2019 — 21.06.2019

We are waiting for you from 2019 July 22 to August 9 in the city of Ozolnieki! Alexander Ryabinin, a graduate of Olympic champions trainer, will learn and work out elements of figure skating with children at the summer figure skating ice camp, taking into account the abilities of each child.

International Figure Skating Summer Camp 2019 in Ozolnieki, Latvia for children of all ages 24.06.2019 — 09.08.2019



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